Types of Graphic Design

Some of you maybe know about graphic design. Graphic design is the process of combining typography, illustration, photography, and print for the purpose of persuasive (inviting), giving information or orders.

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It is referred to as visual communication design because of the role of graphic design in conveying messages and information to the audience with a very thick visual touch. Nowadays, graphic design is often categorized as commercial art because it is a blend of fine arts with communication for business purposes. Currently, the graphic design industry is growing rapidly, this is because we have entered the digital era. Where everything we do is centered on technology. Therefore, everything in our lives including our economy has been centered on the world of technology. The rise of online shops, the rise of the video industry and others make us start thinking about doing business on social media.

Here are some types of design graphic:

1. Graphic design of visual identity
The visual identity system is a visual communication system that forms the identity of a company, institution, and product. Visual identity is often used to distinguish a product or service that is the same as a competitor’s, so the customer will easily identify a brand by only seeing a portion of its visual appearance. So if you want to make a product brand, you should look for people who focus on this field.

2. Interface Design (User Interface)
Interface Design (UI) is how users interact with devices or applications. The UI includes everything that interacts with screen, keyboard and mouse users. In the context of graphic design, UI design focuses on the user’s visual experience and the design of graphic elements on the screen such as buttons, menus, micro-interactions, and more. It is the work of UI designers to balance aesthetic appeal with technical functions.

3. Graphic design marketing & advertising
A company with a product to be known by the public depends on marketing and advertising efforts. Marketing and advertising aim to persuade every community to make the decision to buy a product. Of course, the visual content is interesting and a bright idea will influence people in deciding to buy a product. Because people will always want more interesting visual content, graphic design helps organizations promote and communicate their products.

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