Choose the Right Cable For Your Home Electricity

One of the elements in the electrical installation that must be considered, not the wrong choice, is the cable. The power cord must be selected according to its designation, both in size and type. You don’t need to bother to choose it, just give this task to electrician Lexington SC because they are experts in electricity.

The size of the power cable, for example, must be adjusted to the size of the amperage, but must also be in accordance with the MCB safety capacity used. The current carrying capacity of cables must be greater than the MCB safety capacity.

If the capability of the cable is lower than the MCB security, even though the cable is sufficient to serve the load, it will still potentially cause cable fire if abnormal conditions occur.
For example, if there is a high induction, due to a loose connection, a pile of plugs, a water pump that is stuck, which occurs not because of a short circuit or shorting.
The type of electrical cable must be adjusted to the size of the location where this cable will be installed.

There are 2 types of cables used in electrical installations at home.
1. Electric cables for indoor use.
2. Power cord for outdoor use.