You Must Not Overcharge Your Scooter And Don’t Ride It Uphill

When you are charging your electric scooter, you need to remember that the charged battery must comply with the conditions. This is because if excessive can damage the performance of these batteries. In fact, it can cause the battery to become totally dead. In fact, the price of electric bicycle batteries is quite expensive. Aside from that, if you want to buy an excellent electric scooter at a fair price, we recommend you to buy the xiaomi electric scooter.

For a maximum charge of approximately 4 hours, assuming a 36V battery. If you have more or fewer batteries than this number, it can be adjusted. You need to always make sure that the battery is in a fine condition

After that, don’t force your scooter to go uphill. Electric bikes are very different from motorbikes. For this reason, it is very important to avoid climbs. What if you want to climb? The best way is to push your scooter for a while.

Because, if forced to be able to damage the scooter engine. Where the scooter has a power-speed that is not too high. In fact, some scooters can only travel speeds of 20 Km/hour.