How To Replace Chain On Chainsaw

Chainsaw is well known tool for its reliability for cutting trees. Besides having strong energy, it is also durable and not easily damaged. With so many choices of chainsaw it could be a little bit hard to find the best one for you, but could click here to find out more about the types of chainsaw that will suit you the best. However good the quality of your chainsaw is it is important to maintain the condition of the machine is always excellent and ready for work. It is necessary to do routine maintenance and always maintain clean conditions. Besides, it will be convenience to repair or replace some machine parts that you can do yourself. For example, when the chainsaw chain is broken and must be replaced you can replace it yourself without having to be taken to the professional.

Before installing a guide bar and chainsaw chain you should wear gloves that are thick enough when needed. This is to avoid hand injury due to contact with chains or other parts of the chainsaw. First, you need to put the machine, chain and guide bar to be assembled in a clean place. Open the chain sprocket cover and turn the adjusting wheel mounted on the guide bar to the maximum then place your chainsaw chain starting at the end of the guide bar in the right direction and remember to always use gloves for safety. Check the chain again, making sure it is on top then attach the guide bar to the chainsaw machine and loop the chain to the sprocket. Place the guide bar into the holder.

After that, replace the sprocket cover to the machine, making sure all the locks are installed then tighten the lock until the position is firmly locked. Check whether the chain is too tight or not, release the chain brake and try moving the chain by hand if it does not move means that the chain settings are too tight immediately loosen the settings a little. Your chainsaw is ready to use. For the needs of all kinds of chainsaws and other tools, you could visit